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Unlocking The Ivy Leagues

Unlocking The Ivy Leagues

Demystifying the process of applying to Ivy League Colleges with the help of a counsellor who has helped more than 180 successful applications to his credit.

Workshop Outcomes

Understanding the process and general requirements:
E.g.: (1) What tests need to be done? (2) How can I better plan for the application, and what are the timelines? (3) What extracurricular activities can I do to enrich my background?

Learning about some ideas of the culture behind the evaluation criteria;
E.g.: (1) What kind of students are looking for? (2) If some parts of my application don’t look very good, can I still stand out if my other parts are excellent? (3) Where can they find my merits? (4) They value the diversity of the cohort, and what does this mean? (5) They run the school with an educational approach and in a commercial and political way.

Getting into a better university, and getting into a better company.
E.g.: (1) You can many ways to enhance your international experience. (2) The idea and possible outcome between college education and graduate study. (3) You have other ways to live a better life. (4) What kind of alumni (students) they are looking for?

Western life and possible challenges in your family.
E.g.: A slight piece of Tommy’s travel experience and story.

Who Should Attend?

Children ages 14 and above, Parents, Educators and Counsellors.


College application to the IVY League colleges;
Graduate application to a master’s or doctoral program in the United States;
The similarity and differences of college and graduate applications in the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada;
After graduation, students’ placement and possible careers.

Registration Deadline
Oct 25th 2019 (Midnight)

Pricing and Dates

Unlocking the Ivy Leagues
1st Nov, 2019

PKR 5000/head (For solo applicants)
PKR 4000/head (If a parent and a child are attending together)

Please note that we have limited space in this workshop. Everyone who attends this workshop will be charged separately.

Tommy received his bachelor’s degree in engineering from Zhejiang University, which ranks the third in China. During his undergraduate years, he launched a variety of educational projects such as a volunteer project that mobilized more than two thousand university students to return to their high schools to share their college experiences and guide high school students in planning for their future studies.
He also acted as a coordinator for a cultural exchange program that brings Harvard, Yale, Oxford, Cambridge, Princeton students to China to carry out a lot of activities with Chinese students to bridge cultures. Tommy received an offer of admission to the master’s program in Higher Education (American university system) at the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn) in 2008.
Instead of going to UPenn, he set up a business in collaboration with Harvard and Cambridge graduates to provide graduate application consultancy for Chinese final-year undergraduates. He has an experience of more than ten years in this field and has helped in person more than 200 students (90% of the clients) to receive an offer of admission to an Ivy League graduate programs. In addition, he is a global trotter and has visited 160 countries in the world and public and private schools in many countries. In 2013, he attended the “Future of Learning” program at Harvard Graduate School of Education.