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About Edopia

Edopia is a K-9(+) school which has taken the initiative to teach students to question, not just answer. It moves with the goal of making students self-reliant, proactive, lifelong learners, who are able to sustain themselves even in the most challenging economies. Based on learning acquired from Harvard University’s Project Zero, Edopia intends to bring education in sync with the demands of the 21st Century. It is a place where children are taught to think for themselves and to put everything they learn into practice.

About Unlocking Music

Shaheer Shahid is a songwriter, composer, and music producer who believes in the idea of utilizing technology to integrate the learning and creation of music. With over a decade of experience in music, Shaheer has been involved in producing and composing music of multiple genres while studying various instruments to help broaden the musical vocabulary. This knowledge is essential for a musician on a path to find his or her own unique sound and that is why Shaheer’s teaching methods revolve around the concepts of ear training, music meditation and creating original music.

Course Outline

  • Week 1:

    Understanding music with theory, instruments and technology– Pitch, Tempo, Rhythm, and Timbre.
  • Week 2:

    Developing musicianship – Genres, Ear Training, Inspiration, Composition, and Collaboration.
  • Week 3:

    Creating Music – Recording, Producing and Mixing music.
The activities of this camp will aim to master the following:

Learning Outcomes

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