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Summer Workshops

Edopia Summer Workshops

8th June- 2nd July 2015 Mon-Thu Charges: PKR 18000 or 5000/week or mini workshop
Application deadline: 5th June 2015 Camp Timings: 12:00PM - 2:45PM

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About Edopia

Edopia is the first K-8(+) School of Pakistan which has taken on the initiative to teach the students how to question, not answer. It moves with the goal of making its students self-reliant, proactive, lifelong learners who are able to sustain themselves even in the most challenging economies. Based on learning acquired from Harvard University’s Project Zero, Edopia intends to bring education in sync with the demands of the 21st Century. It’s a place where your children are taught to think for themselves and to put everything they learn into practice.

In a world dominated by exponential change, the next generation must be equipped with tools to adapt, empathize, collaborate and innovate. The ‘Imagination Engineering’ workshop meets this need by helping youth learn the value of empathy, creative thinking and problem solving, in the context of a society whose citizens face real world challenges. The workshop will enable the children to activate their ‘changemaker mindset’, using the same tools as the world’s foremost thinkers and inventors.

Thank you for taking part in ‘Imagination Engineering’. Let the inventing begin!

Workshop Components:
Team Building
Managing a Blog
Mind Mapping
Draw on Everything
Improv Web-comics
Design Thinking

Mastering happiness is an art which needs to be taught from a very young age. Continuing the Edopian tradition of empowering children, Edopia is now launching its first summer workshop for children ages 4-7. It’s a place where children will be encouraged to unleash their creativity, be free spirited, listen, talk and shape their own ideas.

Workshop activities include:

Interactive Story Telling
Dramatics & Dance
Art Attack

Registration Process:

Please e-register your child for this event before June, 5th 2015.
An additional fee of PKR 1500/child will be charged for late registration.
Placement will be subject to availability of space.

Please review the following prior to applying:
Registration Fee and Policy
Terms and Conditions
Thank you. See you at the event.

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