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Envisioning education for young children in a world of relationships and possibility

Our Desire

To demonstrate the culture and facets of an educational 'environment of enquiry’.

To initiate a dialogue towards creating engaging and meaningful learning environments to nurture and respect children while holding onto the belief that children are born innately sociable, curious, competent and creative.

To inspire individuals and institutions to grow and change in the interests of children.


"the theory of the hundred languages of children..." is a philosophy of education based on an image of children - of human beings - as the subjects of rights, rich in potentials, developed in relation with others, and the environment ...

All children posess a hundred languages, a hundred ways of thinking, of expressing themselves, of understanding, and of encountering otherness, with thoughts that weave together the different dimensions of experience and knowledge, and do not divide them ..."


Parents, educators, policy-makers, or general supporters of empowering children to learn through enquiry, expression, imagination and curiosity.

Are you an educator or parent thinking about your children, about what’s inspiring them, and how to offer them educational encounters which are fulfilling, which meet their energies and senses of enquiry?

If so, you are amongst many – across the world and over centuries – who have noticed that – surprise! – humans are not born as robots, but creative, expectant, full of imagination, fun and wanting to connect and make sense of the world. We are not surprised if you are a little bit unsettled, maybe even frustrated or confused – as most of the mainstream ideas and habits about education which we have ourselves experienced, and see, are rather stuck in a 19C industrial idea of what education is, what it’s for, and the nature of learners. In contrast to the dominant ideas of the industrial revolution, we can see clearly that children are not born as empty vessels, and that education is not simply about ‘stuffing knowledge in’ by rote and repetition.

In this short course on creating learner-focussed early childhood education we will be exploring what education can be like (focussed on education 2 – 6), beginning from the perspective that humans arrive in this world with an immense inborn capacity for enquiry and many ways of going about it. We’ll explore why this re-framing of education is not only vital but achievable, despite many of our own experiences which have perhaps told us otherwise.

We will be showcasing action-research from leading exponents of early childhood education in the UK (Sightlines Initiative) and in Italy (Reggio Emilia.) * We will aim to un-thread some of the complexities, and work with you in finding ways forward for you as you seek and make your own educational contexts. We all know that change is tough, even if we are strongly motivated – but we can be encouraged by others’ examples, which can often prove to be compasses and guides, even if we still have to make our own journeys, in our own ways.

We will have two blocks of time to work together in this course – a general introduction and discussion, followed by a second period where we will go into more depth together.

In all, expect to engage in questioning, debate, looking for different opinions, and also to work in practical ways.

The detail of the course will be informed by the experience and contexts of the participants, so we would like you not only to express your interest as soon as possible (places will be limited), but also to write us something which introduces yourself and your motivations. We will have a two-stage application – first register your place and we will send you payment and other details, along with a short questionnaire – returning the questionnaire will complete your registration.

Registration Deadline
22nd Nov deadline (Midnight)

Pricing and Dates

1. Introduction to pedagogies of listening
6th December 2019

PKR 25,000/participant (Early Bird)
PKR 30,000/participant (After 22nd Nov 2019)

PKR 40,000/couple (Early Bird)
PKR 50,000/couple (After 22nd Nov 2019)

2. An in depth discussion about pedagogies of listening
6th Dec - 8th Dec
On campus days:
6th December 2019
7th December 2019
8th December 2019

PKR 60,000/participant (Early Bird)
PKR 75,000/participant (After 22nd Nov 2019)

PKR 100,000/ couple (Early Bird)
PKR 120,000/couple (After 22nd Nov 2019)

* Couple: Husband and wife/ Primary caregivers of a child

Robin came across Reggio’s preschools 24 years ago while he was on a research sabbatical year from his nursery school in a Newcastle where he worked as a teacher. He intended to start an early childhood center based on the values of research fullness, enquiry, co-construction of knowledge, creativity – of all participants – children, educators, community. And hence, Sightlines was formed. Since its inception, it has become the UK reference point for Reggio Children, Reggio Emilia, Italy, and are members of the Reggio Children International Network. Robin continues to be inspired to meet and work with others in the work of forming listening pedagogies in UK educational settings.