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‘I hate Maths!’ - Sounds Familiar?

Striving for a world where our children are excited about maths, as “there should be no such thing as boring mathematics.” ~Edsger Dijkstra

Our Desire

To highlight the need of updating current pedagogies to meet the needs of 21st century learners.

To generate actionable discussion towards creating environments where children develop deep mathematical understanding through hands-on experiences rather than rote memorization of facts and processes.

To inspire individuals and institutions to adapt and transform, keeping children at the heart of their learning.

Our Philosophy

“Level C1, you have an extra math class today”, said Ma’am Hajra in a morning assembly. The loud ‘Yay!’ that came from the students sums what we are trying to achieve; math should be exciting.

We believe every child can be good at math. Instead of celebrating their uniqueness, we often tend to describe a child as a ‘math person’ or ‘math is just not his thing’ only because he/she learns differently and at his/her own speed. As adults, we should provide enriched learning experiences to match each child’s learning style. This will prepare them for a future where mathematics leads the way much more so than it currently does in the present.

Our Course


If you are an educator or parent who wants to help your children develop better mathematical understanding and are looking for mathematical experiences which are fulfilling, this course is for you!

What is the content?

In this short course on creating learner-focused mathematics education we will:
Gain in-depth knowledge of the world-renowned Singapore Maths program.
Learn and master the underlying concepts of this methodology: the CPA approach, bar modelling, number bonds, and the effective use of questioning.
Discover efficient instructional and questioning strategies to develop problem-solving skills and foster a deep understanding of maths in children.
Build confidence to effectively support children at school or at home.
Connect with a network of parents, teachers, school leaders, math enthusiasts, and good people — all under one roof.

Registration Deadline
28th Oct 2019 (Midnight)

Pricing and Dates

1. Introduction to Singapore Maths
9th Nov, 2019(10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.)

PKR 7,000/participant (Early Bird)
PKR 8,000/participant (After 28th Oct 2019)

PKR 11,000/couple (Early Bird)
PKR 13,000/couple (After 28th Oct 2019)

2. Teaching Maths for Mastery
9th - 16th Nov
On campus days(10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.):
9th Nov 2019
16th Nov 2019
17th Nov 2019

PKR 15,000/participant (Early Bird)
PKR 18,000/participant (After 28th Oct 2019)

PKR 29,000/couple (Early Bird)
PKR 35,000/couple (After 28th Oct 2019)

Group Discount: Every 3rd member gets 25% off*

* Couple: Husband and wife/ Primary caregivers of a child

* Applied as per the date of registration. If you register after the deadline, group discount will be on the after deadline price.

Umair came across the Singapore Maths program three years ago while working to establish himself as a math teacher after serving as a pilot in the Pakistan Air Force. A physical injury had forced his early resignation from the PAF and led to him pursuing a new career that combined his lifelong love for maths and passion for teaching. His positive attitude is contagious and brings out the best of those in his presence, both adult and child.
Umair quickly established himself as a model teacher at Edopia, a school with an alternative learning approach, where he not only revolutionized the approach with which maths was being taught, but also incorporated aspects of social emotional learning into each and every child-centered lesson. Early on, in his own professional research regarding how to increase student engagement in his math lessons, Umair stumbled across a demo lesson by the celebrated Dr. Yeap Bar Har himself, a guru of the Singapore Maths approach. This video made an enormous impact, changing Umair’s life as a teacher and as a life-long learner. The mathematical skills Umair is able to teach his students at such a young age is astounding. His structured approach, high expectations, and firm belief in having a “growth mindset” have resulted in an increase in self-confidence and independence in every student who has been lucky enough to have “Sir Umair” as their beloved maths teacher.
Umair currently works as the instructional maths coach at Edopia. He has recently responded to popular demand that he start giving maths workshops dedicated to spreading his instructional strategies to as many educators and parents as possible.