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International Internship Program

International Internship Program

This opportunity will be of particular significance to people who are interested in or currently taking the foremost initiative towards education reform. We are all aware why such a dynamic shift is important. The contemporary model of education practiced across Pakistan and beyond is fostering memorization and killing creativity, a fact that corresponds with the large wave of research being conducted by experts in the field.

In order to cope with the changing times, schools across the world are adopting new and innovative measures to make learning more life-worthy and relevant. However, in Pakistan, education has traditionally been a field relegated towards the cultivation of age old practices and there has been little innovation – until now. With Edopia’s inception, we are looking to redefine the way that education is perceived and practiced across the country.

As a K-8 school, Edopia is an institute which is looking to impart education that is relevant to the twenty-first century world. At Edopia, we try to gain inspiration from the innovation of the West, and impart it to a Pakistani audience in an Eastern context. While daunting, it is a challenge we have willingly taken, and thus far we have been met with widespread recognition and support.
Through multiple schooling events as well as our routine activities at Edopia, we provide a dynamic, multi-faceted working environment that pushes our employees to the edge of their comfort zones. Every member of Team Edopia goes above and beyond the call of duty and there is a shared sense of camaraderie in working towards a common goal. The management and faculty are learning just as much as they are teaching to their students.

If working for education reform is something that you are passionate about and you think you can make a difference, then we have an exciting proposition for you.

We invite all junior and senior year university students and/or graduates to come to Islamabad and help make a difference towards transforming the face of education in a developing economy.

Level One interns will be tasked with:

· Presenting a report on education provision in your home country
· Evaluating teaching sessions and methodologies prevalent at Edopia and conducting feedback sessions to improve the quality of instruction
· Leading an educational project on a pre-decided domain

Level Two interns will be responsible for:

· Communicating with parents, students and staff to introduce the culture and education in your country.
· Working with school staff
· Preparing course-work and related materials with teachers.
· Organizing clubs
Interns will be provided with accommodation, basic transportation and meals (once a day), and a working experience of how education is undertaken in a community like Pakistan. Furthermore, interns will also be connected to tourism or adventure clubs for activities they would like to partake in at weekends.

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