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In My Shoes 2016 – Career Exploration at Edopia

Dates: 18-20th & 25th-27th March 2016 Ages: 10-15 Register Now

About Edopia

Edopia is a K-8(+) School of Pakistan which has taken on the initiative to teach the students how to question, not answer. It moves with the goal of making it's students self-reliant, proactive, lifelong learners who are able to sustain themselves even in the most challenging economies. Based on learning acquired from Harvard University’s Project Zero, Edopia intends to bring education in sync with the demands of the 21st Century. It’s a place where your children are taught to think for themselves and to put everything they learn into practice.

About "In My Shoes"

“In My Shoes 2016”, is the first ever initiative towards showing students what career paths they can opt for in the looming future. Career guidance has been a neglected faction in our society. When students reach their middle years , they need guidance in discovering their strengths and passions and in reflecting upon their personality. They feel more equipped to plan for the future if they have a strong self-image and have been exposed to the various options that exist out there in the real world.
This issue calls to be addressed, since it is important to demonstrate the pathways a child can choose from, come the time. The event “In My Shoes 2016” at Edopia, aims to address the ambiguities students face when it comes to choosing courses that will help them achieve their future personal and professional goals.

Event’s activities will include:
Edopia has invited 28 speakers from six interest areas, for maximum exposure. Our guests are following passions across a plethora of domains; from animation, to culinary arts, to blogging, to physics, to public health to game design and a lot more. We have carefully designed the program to ensure that the participants do not run short of inspiration and go back home with better questions to ponder over.
Making a good career choice means finding a job that combines the strengths, interests, preferences and personality traits of an individual. These sessions will incorporate activities and discussions that inspire students to reflect on their personal characteristics and qualities. In the process we will also encourage students to get feedback from others they can trust to help build an accurate self-image that can guide successful career choices.
Through these workshops we intend to guide the participants towards choosing careers that match their strengths, interests and personality. The main objective is to introduce students to the idea of making a successful transition into a fulfilling career. The workshops will allow students identify how they can make the most of this period of preparation and transition and make decisions that clarify and support their chosen career path.

Expected Outcomes:

I have a better idea of my skill set.
I have learnt how to network with new people effectively
I understand the relationship between educational achievement and career planning.
I have learnt the skills to locate, evaluate, and interpret career information.
I have strengthened my decision making skills.
I have understood the interrelationship of life roles.

At Edopia, we firmly believe that if children are given an opportunity to reflect, they make better choices in life.

Registration Process:

The following fee charges are applicable for all participants wishing to attend ‘IN MY SHOES 2016’:
Private Candidate: Rs. 8500/-
Edopian: FOC
An additional fee of PKR 1500/child will be charged for late registration.
Placement will be subject to availability of space.

Please review the following prior to applying
Terms and Conditions
Safety Policy

Thank you. See you at the event.

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