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Primary School

Primary School

During the primary years we aim to expand on what we learn about our students during the Early Years Program and apply is to more exciting and rigorous years ahead. This is the stage where a student’s Intelligence and Emotional Quotients (IQ & EQ) can be realized to their full potential.

Creativity blooms in the children during this phase, and Edopia cultivates in the students, different ways to express their creativity. Performance based and visual arts give the student an alternate way of learning and expressing what traditional methods of teaching may not have allowed.

Strong learning habits are promoted in the primary years, such that they come naturally to the student. One of the primary goals of the Primary Years is to identify and address learning gaps and to design individualized plans for students.

This is coupled with developing in the students a sense of responsibility towards the community and the environment. Edopia partners with multiple charity organizations throughout the city where our students can learn to work towards a cause that they are passionate about from an early age.

The goal of the Early Years Program is to be able to express oneself in a social setting critically, creatively and confidently while respecting the people around us. This is brought forward into the Primary Years and is coupled with extensive reading and reasoned and ethical questioning.

The mentors at Edopia use the ‘Constructivist Approach’ to teaching where learners are actively involved in a process of meaning and knowledge construction as opposed to passively receiving information. Children are introduced to research and analysis of different ideas, so that they can build meaning for themselves under the guidance of their mentors.

Some of the wider goals for different grades are as follows;

A strong foundation in Mathematics and English (Grade 1-3)
Developing a strong research orientation and further brushing up of critical thinking (Grade 4-5)
** Note: Students are not introduced to technology (iPads etc) before grade 4. We let them get their hands dirty first. It’s okay.

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