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Middle School

Middle School

By the time a student has reached the middle school level, they already have the necessary foundation established to begin a more advanced stage of learning at Edopia.

Regular studies are an integral daily part of the middle school curriculum, with exceedingly individualized teaching methods. The curriculum is designed to constructively build on a student’s knowledge foundation.

The Middle Years are about knowing who you are, finding out your strengths and weaknesses, and then addressing weaknesses and capitalizing on the strengths. A career orientation begins to develop at this age. In this stage of learning, the children are taught how to strategize and need for pre-emptive thinking is developed in them.

Entrepreneurship, as a form of self reliance, is introduced to the children. This is done to equip them with the tools necessary to sustain oneself in the economy that we live in. Independent study places a vital role in building independence and self reliance.

The goal of the Middle Year Program is to take charge of your learning and become a proactive, life-long learner.
The students are encouraged to find answers to intriguing phenomena on their own by asking the right questions.

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