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Making Thinking Visible

The learning framework at Edopia is underpinned by Tony Wagner’s Seven Survival Skills which allow for sustainability in the 21st Century. It is guided by our principle of preparing students for the real world.

The day is composed of multiple Disciplines of Inquiry


At Edopia, our approaches to learning are linked to the theory of knowing. Rather than flipping the pages of a book, every subject group at Edopia is based on an underlying project which explores concepts that are broad, universal and timeless. Each unit is intellectually stimulating and on average, two months long. Over the course of a year, every student completes 32 rigorous projects. Some of these projects are teacher guided while the others are student led. The aim is to co-construct understanding rather than making children the passive recipients of knowledge. One of the key aims of this system is to place programs of inquiry into a context that is relevant for the students.

Such approaches to learning accommodate multiple intelligences and give each child the individual space to learn and to come to the right answers with their own understanding.

In simpler words, each unit will include everything that a child will study in a conventional school, except that emphasis will remain on concept-building and understanding, rather than aimless cramming and memorization. Such learning dispositions ensure that the child is able to survive and succeed in the current education system and is able to harness his learning even in other schools, national or international.


Self Management, Financial Understanding & Entrepreneurship, Technology, Performing and Visual Arts and Fitness and Health are the wider areas of knowledge that are covered in this frame. The experiential frame instills in our students a sense of self-learning, initiative-taking, talent management and self-reliance. The experiential frame breaks beyond the academic boundaries and allows for the holistic development of the mind, body and soul of the child.


The underlying themes of various units permeate across subject groups to construct new paradigms of learning. This allows for students to critically engage with the content to establishing connections between disciplines and drive a new meaning from their interactions.

The Beautiful Soul

At the basis of all teaching at Edopia lies ‘The Beautiful Soul’. The Beautiful Soul is a frame that aims to instill the attribute of conscientiousness in children and to develop their intrinsic moral capacity. It is the base of everything we do at Edopia, as it is important for every human being to understand ‘who we are and why we are here?’ This frame is well embedded into the academic and para-academic units at Edopia and intends to bring about one mindset shift per unit taught. The mindset shift can result in tangible action or an acquired disposition.

Through the use of learning engagements and feedback, we instill in our students a sense of integrity, respect and humility, teaching them to appreciate the smaller things in life. Throughout the curriculum there is a constant effort to make our students realize their responsibilities towards themselves, their home, community and the world in general. Edopia aims to make its children aware of the importance of a value driven life.

Independent Study

If a student shows interest in persuing a skill/study that is not taught at the school at a wider level, the school provides the child with a mentor who guides him/her through his/her research/quest. This course would be credited based on the Principal's discretion. An independent study is one semester long and inculcates the discipline of structuring oneself and identifying one’s place in time and space. It also provides the child with direction in life and allows him/her to reflect on his strengths and weaknesses.

At Edopia, nothing that a child wants to investigate is ever irrelevant, be it academic or para academic. Examples of some of the independent studies done by our students in previous semester are given below.

An Entrepreneurship Project to establish a Football Club - with complete financial analysis. (Grade 7)
Investigating Cross Genetic Specialization by Studying the Immortal Jelly Fish. (Grade 6)
Life of an Animator (Grade 7)

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