About Edopia

Edopia is a K-9(+) School of Pakistan which has taken on the initiative to teach the students how to question, not answer. It moves with the goal of making it's students self-reliant, proactive, lifelong learners who are able to sustain themselves even in the most challenging economies. Based on learning acquired from Harvard University’s Project Zero, Edopia intends to bring education in sync with the demands of the 21st Century. It’s a place where your children are taught to think for themselves and to put everything they learn into practice.

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About Cameo Youth

Cameo summer camp brings the mystery of theatre into the practical experience. Designed to boost the creativity into the whole new level, where all expressional fulfilments and voids come together, cameo guides the way to new way of life experience.

The camp is just the herald for the ongoing course that is going to start form coming September with full term programmes. Cameo will also exist on internet where members can showcase their achievement, inspire others and bring pride to this newly founded organisation. We believe that with the right team we can take it to the heights of performing art and try our talents in various cultural events both at home and abroad.

This camp is just the beginning of a long way to go.
We welcome all drama lovers to step in right from the start!
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