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Be the parent you always wish you had!

Be The Parent You Always Wish You Had!

This practical one-day workshop will equip parents with the attitudes, skills and knowledge they require to immediately begin coaching their children in a deep and meaningful way.

Why Coach Your Child?

As parents, we choose the role we play with our children. In these times, when good parenting sometimes seems like an impossible dream, this workshop presents the idea that one of the most valuable roles you can play with your children is that of a Life Coach.

Coaching will support you to build essential social and emotional development skills in your children, by making a regular practice of reflecting on their emotions and experiences. This includes self-awareness, self-management, social awareness. relationship skills and responsible decision making. In the process, it also builds your own social and emotional intelligence!

Coaching will build your child’s independent problem-solving skills.

Coaching will take your relationship with your children to whole new levels, beyond patterns of authority and power, to mutual trust, respect and learning.

Our Philosophy

Taking on the role of a life coach to your child does not mean that you relinquish your other important roles as a parent. You do still need to be there for them as a protector, as a provider, as a teacher, as an enforcer, as an entertainment director… and much more! However, coaching allows for a very different kind of conversation with your child. Based on listening and questioning techniques that eliminate judgement, coaching supports your child to recognize where they are right now, identify where they want to be, and develop strategies for how they would like to reach their goals.

Who Should Attend?

The course is for parents, grandparents, guardians, teachers and anyone else who has an interest in facilitating the growth of children using a coaching approach.

The Programme

The Role of Coach How it differs from the other parenting roles What a coach IS and what it is NOT
The Coaching Attitude
The Coaching Hat
When to put on the Coaching Hat (and when not to)
Coaching Tools
Listening like a coach
Asking questions like a coach
Goal-setting strategies
Coaching protocols and frameworks that really work
Coaching Concepts
Social and Emotional Learning
Multiple Intelligence Theory
Building your own self-awareness
Getting started with coaching
The first sessions
Making a routine
Troubleshooting (“What do I do if.…….”)

Registration Deadline

25th November 2019 (Midnight)

Pricing and Dates

Be the parent you always wish you had!
30th Nov, 2019

PKR 5000/head (Early Bird)
PKR 7000/head (After deadline)

Danielle is an Australian who has been living and working in Pakistan for nearly 15 years. She has an extensive background in community development and learning programmes, working with farmers in the outback of Australia, environmentally concerned students across Sydney, at-risk youth in the suburbs of Sydney and migrants in NSW, as well as ten years in a corporate academy, training leaders in a multinational company based in the UAE.
With three teenage children herself, she realised how valuable coaching could be when her children were homeschooled for three years. The opportunity to relate to her children on a whole different level completely changed the way she viewed parenting and she subsequently gained accreditation as a Life Coach. She has been part of the team at Edopia for three years in the role of Coach for MYP and Senior Years and is passionate about the student-centred alternative approach to education.