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Distinctive Features

Distinctive features

Harvard University Project Zero:

Edopia is based on learnings acquired from Harvard University’s Project Zero which consists of almost half a century of research towards finding the very best methodologies in teaching.

Furnished for learning (FFL) classroom:

Our building is centrally air-conditioned and is marked with multiple collaborative study units across the premises. Our classes are equipped with interactive walls, award winning modular furniture and multiple writing surfaces. Lockers are available for all students. In house meals are offered at our Bon Appétit café.

Research Orientation:

We encourage students to take charge of their learning process. The ‘googled learner’ needs to channel curiosity in an effective manner and our teachers help assist this process.

Passionate educationists:

We understand that a school is as good as its teachers. Our hiring process is extensive and rigorous. We make sure that we hire people who are willing to bring in their personality along with their teaching skills. We have hand-picked a diverse group of lawyers, artists, musicians, writers and corporate executives to mentor our students through their academic years at Edopia.

Other Features:

Project-based Learning: Hands on projects are assigned on semester basis to consolidate what has been taught in class.

Limited Homework Policy: No heavy bags every day. Our teachers try to assign work that can be completed independent of tutors.

Global Connections: We are currently connected to 52 schools globally. We cater to the cultural growth of children by connecting them with school students from all across the world using various mediums.

Security: The School meets all security regulations as prescribed by the Government of Pakistan.

Learning Management System The School uses an online LMS to keep all parents updated about the course and student progress. Teachers remain accessible after hours to help students with their work. The LMS is also a social platform which allows the students to interact, collaborate and maintain blogs about their experiences.

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