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Inside Edopia: Meet The School Using Alternative Teaching Methods To Prepare Students For Success.

This is the first edition of the Inside Edopia series, focusing on an alternative learning school located in Islamabad, Pakistan. The Edopia school in Islamabad, Pakistan was founded on July 5, 2014, and takes a unique approach to education and could provide a framework for solving the issues facing public education in the United States and numerous other countries around the world.

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Myths And Realities About Edopia

I think Edopia is the best school because it is fun and exciting. It is the kind
of school that I thought would never exist. I wish I could stay here forever.

-Siebel Sohail Ahmed, Grade 3

Edopia is a place of imagination, a world away from the real one.

- Haris Naveed, Middle Years English Teacher

He is four and he\\'s reading big words like "standard", "essential" and
"full-cream"! Today, I\\'m the happiest parent you\\'ll come across!

- Hira Shahab Kazi, M/O Zaeem Kublai

My girls are at Grade 5 and Grade 9 level, so I have exposure to two very
different stages of education. Couldn’t have taken a better decision
for both of them.

- Huma Karim, M/O Anaya and Zeest Karim

I am so glad we took this decision. I was extremely happy to see that
Ibrahim had written ‘I love school’ at the end of his mathematics exam.

- Laila Vardag M/O Ibrahim Vardag

It let’s me be. It is my safe haven.

- Samreen Kazmi, Middle Years Coordinator

Thank you Edopia for the camping trip. It was a brilliant effort. I made
new friends because of you guys.

- Kiran Nadeem, M/O Shehryar Khan

I would like to have my artwork display somewhere soon

- Iman Haider, Grade 9

Wow! Now this is a sort of thing we had exposure to ONLY at a business
school. And to think these kids are presenting business ideas and are
confident enough to go through a Q/A session by external judges is
absolutely amazing. Well done, Edopia!

- Durriya Ahmed, M/O Summayah Ahmad

I am happy to see that Mir Azfal is in an institute that cares about him
as much as his parents do. Our country needs more educators like you.

- Nida Tareen, M/O Mir Azfal

I want my project to be an app for a small scale business I have in mind.

- Mahnoor Sethi, Grade 9

Edopia is…………………...SURREAL!

- Malghakara Kalim, Arts Coordinator Middle Years